Monday, 12 October 2009

Update and a Question

Hi Everyone,
This is just a little update on my fingers and a question.
Firstly, i'm having a check up on Wednesday and hopefully i'll have my cast off!! I t's so heavy and weighs me down! I've really missed making cards, and i can't wait to get back on track lol!

Now em,
Is anyone going to the NEC on Saturday the 7th of November??
I am, and i'd love to meet some familier faces lol!!!

Fern xx


  1. I really hope your cast comes off Fern - sounds like you're ready to get crafting again! I wish I could fly over to be at the NEC - sounds like it's going to be a load of fun!! Hope you get to meet some blogging friends!
    Hugs, Danielle

  2. Hisweetie,
    I'm not going to the NEC, but I do hope you'll get the cast off and can get some crafting done.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  3. Oh fingers crossed that they remove it on Wednesday!
    Yes I am going to NEC on Saturday! Hope I see you sweetie!
    kim x

  4. Hi Fern,
    Great to hear your finger is on the mend and hopefully you'll be able to get your cast off soon! Sorry, I'm not going to the NEC, but my mum is, so I'll tell her to look out for you! :)
    Love, Georgia xx

  5. Hi Fern

    Nice to see a picture of you in your "Anya pose"! Great to hear your cast should be off soon.

  6. Hello hunny bun! Boy, you've been missed! I'm crossing my fingers that all is well on Wednesday and you'll be cast free to be free to craft!! I really, really want to go to the NEC, and I'm not that far away in Bristol, but I just have to convince someone to go with me as I'm too chicken to drive there on my own! Will keep you posted... Hugs, Sem x

  7. Hi sweetie hope all goes well for Wed. wonder why you didnt get one of the lightweight know the coloured ones???? NEC was thinking about it but it more than 4hrs drive & even with stops think its a no go for me..have been once but a bit too far .. have a great time..I'm going to the Knitting & Stitching (paper crafts too) show in Harrogate end of Nov.

    take care Hugs Christine xxx

  8. Hi Sweetie do hope the cast is off soon we are missing your lovely crearions, I am hoping to go to the NEC with Kim, Bev, Rach, Tab, Marcea and loads of others so hope we can met up with you dear
    Hugs Jacqui x

  9. Great news Fern, hope you can get back to crafting soon, it must be awful not being to play with all your scrummy stash...have fun at the NEC :) Donna x

  10. Oh sweetie hope that you get your cast off, and yes I am going to the NEC too, fingers crossed that I see you sweetie.
    Hugs Tab xxx

  11. Just catching up on everyone's blog after my holiday. So sorry to hear about your injury. Hope you are getting better. I'm not going to the NEC this year as I spent so much in America buying stash asyou can see on my blog. Have fun. Hope you will be entering my candy. Marianne x

  12. Hi Fern,
    It was great to see you on wed, hope you are getting used to having your plaster off. Just to let you know I have finally been approved by sugar nellie and have placed an order with them, so will soon be having some sugar!!!! in the shop. Also promarkers too.
    Lyndsey xx

  13. oooohhhhh Fern you poor thing I feel for you having that heavy cast on...would it help to have some stamped images...if you would like some ask your Mum if its ok and send me your address and I will send you some
    Mina xxx

  14. AWE Fern, love the new blog, and hope that your casts come off and you can get back to crafting...I wish I was going to the NEC, but have to put up with going to Glasgow show instead, I am hoping to get to the NEC in March so hopefully catch up with you then.....many hugs Avril xxx

  15. Hi little lady xxx hope you are ok ,love the new blog babe xxxx
    i am going to the NEC on sunday so dont you buy every thing lolxxx
    hugs Dawnxxx


Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!! :O)